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Get a new car each month Think Netflix.....

Automakers are constantly searching for ways to reach younger consumers whose shopping and transportation habits have been shaped by Silicon Valley giants like Uber Technologies Inc. and Airbnb Inc. To add to the growing list of auto makers who are offering "monthly subscription services" BMW is following in the footsteps of General Motors which launched its Book subscription service in January 2017, and Care by Volvo, which combines lease, insurance and maintenance into one monthly payment.

Subscription services allow consumers to flip between different car models as often as they want, instead of committing to one vehicle that they buy or lease. The monthly payments are usually higher than traditional lease contracts, because they cover things like insurance and maintenance.  Basically think Netflix - you pay a monthly fee and can drive whatever you want whenever you want.  To me that sounds pretty cool - but is probably also expensive - so make sure you read the fine print and understand what you are committing to before you sign on the dotted line!  

Hot cars on a cold day

Its a cold snowy day today but maybe you are itching to get out of the house.... skip the mall and the movies and head over to the Colorado State Fairgrounds Palace of Agriculture in Pueblo, CO and check out the custom car show going on there today from 9am to 9pm and tomorrow from 9am to 4pm.  There will be a great collection of custom cars from Pueblo and the surrounding areas.  Get out and enjoy the day in spite of the cold!  For complete details on the Kool Kustom Kar show click here.

Canon City in the Spring

Looking for something fun and different to do this Spring?  Check out Canon City and the Blossom Festival this weekend!  The festival starts this Thursday May 4th and runs through Sunday May 7th.  It features local school band competitions, a parade, street vendors, and a variety of other activities that will showcase the local area and Colorado in general.  Here is a link to the event website with all the information you should need to go have a great time exploring Canon City in spring time here in Colorado!


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